Jacob Green is a Folk Blues Singer Songwriter, One Man Band & Multi-String Player. Jacob has now laid down some roots & started a family in the Green Mountain State of Vermont, but used to be accustomed to touring all around the US, playing 40 states total, averaging 150 shows a year. 

His Latest Double Album "Coexistence" is the Best of Both Worlds in his Music, which features 1 Album done entirely as an OneManBand and the other done completely with his Full Blues Band. 

From being a Rambler, to becoming a Recluse, Jacob has had some time to focus on recording of both new material as well as sorting through his long back catalog of original music, he developed over many years of hard travelin' for soul searching inspiration.

He's  collaborated with musicians from all over the country, leading Wisconsin based bands: Jacob Green & The Grit and River Water Tribe, plus, California based band: Jacob Green & Friends

And since 2018, he's been living  in Vermont, collaborating with multiple musicians from all over the area. Currently, he plays with up to 6 piece band, featuring instrumentation of Electric Lead Guitar, Violin, Bass, Drums & Lead Blues Harmonica Player. His Vermont based band goes simply by: Jacob Green Band.

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Jacob Green & The Grit began in 2007 in his hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin. With sounds of Electric Blues & Punk Rock undertones. They built a strong local following, but it was short lived, as the band became less active, Jacob felt the need to travel more and hone his sound.

In 2010, Jacob toured solo to Colorado & met percussionist Tony Campbell (R.I.P.) The 2 then returned to Milwaukee, where Dom was itching to jam on his fiddle.

 River Water Tribe had started, first as a trio to ultimately having numerous different band members, up to as many as a dozen different musicians being part of the group. With music being described as Bluegrass with a edge, or even Acoustic Punk. 

In 2014, Green moved to Northern California. As he began to build his name as an OneManBand, slowly he started collaborating with local musicians. 

Shows varied per band members & bigger events & festivals, they would form a 4 or 5 piece band.

Ultimately, the name 'Jacob Green & Friends' stuck, as each show could feature any of the local musicians. Jacob's Album "Harvest Time" was both recorded in this area in 2015 & features all of the "Friends" on the album. 

Jacob has performed at Music Festivals and made Radio Appearances all over the U.S.

Music Festival Performances: 

12th Annual Bean & Brew Festival (2021) - Jay, Vermont

Dixville Notch Music Festival (2018, 2021) - Colebrook, New Hampshire

Gratitude Fest (2012, 2013) - Gilpin, Colorado

Steel Bridge Song Fest (2012 , 2013, 2017) - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Midwest Harvest Fest (2012, 2013) - Madison, Wisconsin

4:20 Fest (2013, 2018) - Madison, Wisconsin

MidWest Music Fest (2013) - Winona, Minnesota

Hemp Fest (2013) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hippie Hill Afteroo Fest (2013, 2017) - Christiana, Tennessee

Farm to Fermentation Fest (2014, 2015, 2016) - Santa Rosa, California

Rivertown Revival Fest (2015) - Petaluma, California

Llano Earth Art Fest (2016) - Llano, Texas

Taste of Fort Collins Fest (2016) - Fort Collins, Colorado

Vibe High Music Fest (2018) - Brodhead, Wisconsin

Switchback's Flynn on Fire Fest (2018, 2019) - Burlington, Vermont

MKE Punk Fest (2019) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Radio Performances:

WDEV Radio (2021) - Waterbury, Vermont

JD Green's Aired Out (2021) - Barre, Vermont

Rocket Shop Radio (2020, 2021) - Burlington, Vermont

RiverWest Radio (2009, 2016, 2018, 2019) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

KRFC Radio (2012) - Fort Collins, Colorado

Planet Mind Radio (2012) - Nederland, Colorado

WDVX Blue Plate Special (2012, 2013) - Knoxville, Tennessee

KMSU The Maverick (2013) - Mankato, Minnesota

KOWS Community Radio (2014, 2015, 2016) - Sebastopol, California

KGGV The Bridge Radio (2014) - Guerneville, California

KTDE Radio (2014) - Gualala, California

KZYX Mendocino Radio (2015) - Mendocino, California

High Plains Public Radio (2016) - Amarillo, Texas

KRCB North Bay Radio (2016) - Rohnert Park, California

Evolvement Radio (2017) - Newburyport, Massachussetts

KVNF Radio (2017) - Paonia, Colorado

KPTE The Point Radio (2017) - Durango, Colorado


Television Appearances:

(NorthEastKingdom Television) NEK TV (2021) - Newport, Vermont

Lake Champlain Public Access TV (2018) - Colchester, Vermont

Radio Stations that Play & Support Jacob Green's Music Full List Here



"Little Courage" is what we all can use more of now and that's just the name of Jacob Greens latest album. Listen to this talented singer/songwriter and skillful guitar player on this weeks "Bay Whalin Hour"  Wendy Hladick, Alaskan Public Radio

"As far as roots, folk and blues music goes, Green does a terrific job on his own and manages to carry a lot of energy mixed with solid musicianship" - Paul White, The Reader Newspaper

“If you like to travel, if you like to get inspiration, Jacob Green’s music is the right way to get that. The national touring musician Jacob Green is no stranger to the road" - James Richard, Calling All Gigs

“At first glance, the title of the album has a negative feel to it. Since it was released in the pandemic, it feels particularly hopeless. Jacob’s idea of the title effectively counters that feeling. “It’s also like saying, ‘we can be limitless in whatever we choose.’ In some ways we’re way too extreme; we’re too positive or too negative. The point is to recognize that. Hearing the phrase ‘no end in sight’ can seem kind of negative, but it’s more about perspective.””

Phil Franklin, Big Heavy World | Rocket Shop Radio

Musical Highlights & Movement Involvements:

-Jacob won the People's Choice Award at Hemp Fest 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

-Jacob won the Political song Award for "The March" at Hemp Fest 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Standing Rock Movement

Helping to spread the message of what's sacred & standing up for land rights, Jacob Green wrote a song & compiled a Music Video for the Standing Rock Pipeline Protest, "Leave my soul behind"

March Against Monsanto Movement

In May of 2013, Jacob Green wrote the official song for the March Against Monsanto movement. His song "The March" was played all over the world at marches on May 23, 2013. Jacob has also performed at March Protests in Knoxville, TN(2013), Duluth, MN (late 2013), San Francisco, CA (2014), Santa Rosa, CA(2015) & Denver, CO (2016)

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